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MedID has developed the next health care generation of Medical Identification that may result in saving many lives and help people get the medical care they need in emergency situations.

MedID was founded and maintained by an experienced team of; Emergency First Responders, Health Care Providers, Rescue Professionals, Internet Service Providers, Security Software Technical Support Staff and Web Developers.

You can now make health records easily and instantly accessible to paramedics “digitally”from their smartphone. They simply scan the medical QR code engraved on your medical wristband and enter your exclusive ID PIN code placed on the reverse side of the band.

A solution that could improve care and save lives and create positive patient outcomes that could make the difference between short term and long term health care. Quick QR medical scan means quicker care right at the scene and during patient transport. It also helps to take the guess work out of the patient’s medical background and current prescribed medication.

It is now possible to quickly identify a person who is either lost or unconscious! Medical staff can now scan the inscribed identification code of the wristband for instant access to the person’s medical information and history… and that gives all members of the family peace of mind for years to come!

Our products are safe, easy to use, from here at home or from any country while on vacation. MedID works from anywhere in the world where internet access is available and your medical profile is self- managed online with your private username and password! Changing medications? Simply login and make the modification. It’s immediately updated to your medical profile.

Help them help you with MedID


Allow Paramedics and other Emergency First Responders quick access to your medical history and profile.

The MedID wristband allows paramedics to become aware of your primary illness or allergy which may often be the cause of the loss of consciousness or other medical problems such as heart attack, stroke, dementia or traffic accidents.


Let Doctors see your medical history in seconds from their smartphone.

The wristband will allow the first responder to contact the patient’s doctor or listed relatives to advise them of the situation. MedID is a favourable advantage fblackor communication between emergency services and attending physicians … a voice for you … especially when you or a loved one are unable to properly communicate or express a need.


Quick and improved care for positive patient outcomes

Doctors can also access the history in emergency rooms or offices … from anywhere. In fact, with a simple QR scan from their smart phone they can even communicate with other doctors from home or while they’re on the road and even transfer the information using their smart phone technology. This allows medical professionals and first responders to assess in a quick and more precise manner.

MedID ... for your peace of mind!

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Digital Medical Access

Quick, accurate medical history access for Paramedics … for the safety of you and your loved ones!